ELITRON : cutting – grinding plotters

With more then 1700 installations worldwide and more then 25 years of experience in the market of cutting plotters, ELITRON is one of the most innovative producers of cutting plotters in this moment.

They can offer one of the most advanced cutting plotters at very interesting prices combining new developments for the graphic industry with their experience in other industries.

They offer:

  • manual cutting plotters : KOMBO SD
  • fully automatic production machines : KOMBOTAV


  • Sizes untill 3200 x 2200
  • Real production machine : 2 heads cutting simultaneously and independently
  • Machine with automatic feeder and stacker
  • Seeker system for print recognition and positionning
  • Complete suction table for removing the product (no nicks necessary and better stacking)


Sizes untill 3200 x 1600


Some special charachteristics:

  • seeker system : it is not necessary to position the material exactly and to search the correct file : all is done automatically : you can position the product on the table and through print recognition the file is searched automatically and position also !!!
  • videoprojection on the table of what has to be cut out
  • heavy structure in iron (NOT aluminium) for a better stability : better for milling hard materials and to cut thick grey board etc..
  • automatic setup suction (only where needed) 
  • milling up to 60.000 t/min

Wide range of tools

  • fixed or oscillating knife cutting head : electrical and /or pneumatical
  • electro spindle milling module
  • creasing module with diameter up to 120 mm
  • circular knife cutting head
  • kiss cutting module
  • 45 ° knife (other cutting angles also available)
  • pen module
  • laser pointer 

Other models:

  • machines for cutting from roll
  • laser cutting machines
  • water jet cutting machines
  • custom made machines