Platen cleaning conditioning system

Complete cleaning system for all automatic diecutters BOBST SP – BOBST SPO – IBERICA – WPM – WUPA – HEIDELBERG Etc

  •  Reduce patching up to 60 % -  70 % = up to 50 % less set-up time
  •  Reduction in pressure  : from 5 % up to 35 %.

The rust molecule has a thickness of 10 times normal iron and is not stable 

  • It is like foam : when you press it it turns up somewhere else
  • Causes problems for patching with difficult jobs
  • Causes more and more patching and pressure intime
  • For obtaining a continuous result you should clean the platen 2 to 4 times per year and the resocel 1 time

ADVANTAGES of our system : 

  • you can do it yourself without the necessity of a skilled technician, NO dismantling or cutting of the chain 
  • faster and better cleaning : Upper and lower side is cleaned at the same time
  • all cleaning solvents are FOOD SAFE and with a better cleaning result



How to use the system

Preparation in a BOBST 102 CER