Box-office is specialised since 25 years in the sale of machines and consumables to the corrugated, folding box and display-POS industry, representing renowned producers for the Benelux and France (see machines, parts for Bobst & consumables).

We also help customers to increase their productivity in folding-gluing on Multi Point Folder Gluers + FFG-inliners and in diecutting through our worldwide distribution for:

C-TECH robotics: robot automation for Multi Point Folder Gluers enables you to run a folder gluer with -1-person for all kind of boxes fromfeeding up to palletising

100 % automation for folder gluers and inliners :
- Robot feeder min size 300 x 200 mm up to .... no maximum
- Robopacker 1-2-3 for counting, separating and turning packages when needed (f.e. autolock), inline with high-speed strapping
- Robot Palletiser for bundles and/or filled boxes squaring per layer for slippery difficult boxes on MPG's speed up to 1.400 bundles with pre-stacking for inliners

See Automation for more information and videos about other automation projects.

HEDITEC's Beam Cleaning System permits you to clean the platen of your flatbed diecutters

- in less then 1 hour (regular maintenance)
- without the need for a skilled technician
- NO need to dismantle the gripper chain

A regular cleaning (minimum 3 to 4 times per year)

- reduces your setup times dramatically
- up to 70 % less patching
- up to 30 % less pressure
- increases the quality of your diecutting (cleaner cut)
- increases the lifetime of your dies.

A zone patching can be done after the cleaning process to limit the patching

More then 100 systems sold worldwide.