Cleaning and protection liquids


Cleaning, maintaining and protection improve productivity and reduce 
sliding wear 
EXPORT PRICE LIST 01-2020 with Product Short Information (safety data sheet is available on request) 

NEW: TK POWER-CLEAN ZERO High Power-Cleaning Agent / punching plate cleaner – liquid - without danger signs! 

Cleaner built on new special raw materials. For cleaning and degreasing of all adhesives, including pressure-sensitive adhesives, 
hotmelts, dispersion adhesives and other dirt coverings. 
Also cleans and degreases metal parts, paints, colors and other residues on different surfaces, such as metal, plastic, wood, textiles and leather
Removes dried inkjet colors, aerosol paints, paint & Graffiti, PVC Adhesives and Spray Adhesives
Cleaner built on new special raw materials. Has a high degreasing capacity, liquid without danger signs, very good environmental compatibility
Power-Clean Zero is labeled according to the CLP regulation 
Properties: strong cleaning power, good water-miscibility, emulsified in water, free from aromatic hydrocarbons and Naphten, odor 
Directions for use: can be diluted with water and the application is possible with a moist rag. Apply the product with a cloth on the objects to be cleaned, allow to penetrate and wipe off with a cloth. Before use check for compatibility in an inconspicuous area. Only apply to cured car paints.
1 ltr. tin (10 pcs./carton) € 13,18 / ltr. 
5 ltr. plastic container (4 x 5 /carton) € 12,63 / ltr.

Powerful universal cleaner with fresh orange odor. Biodegradable. This Citro-High-Tech Cleaner possesses a very high degreasing 
effect and removes even the toughest dirt such as adhesives residues, oil, grease, waxes, resin, bitumen, silicon residues, ink as well 
dispersions glues and hotmelt from metal parts, plastic, rubber, tools and from all smooth surfaces on cars, lorries, caravans and 
boats without leaving behind an oily film 
# 03208500         12 pcs. aerosols 500 ml/carton                from 96 pcs : € 6,85 / pcs. 
From 12 pcs : € 7,85 /pcs. 

TK Slilicone Lubricant Spray 500 ml XXL 
Improves the lubricity of papers in printing and processing, non-greasy and protects against corrosion. 
Particularity: due to the increased silicone oil content, longer mode of action for lower consumption! 
# 03178500        12 Ds. Aerosol 500 ml/Karton - 12 pcs. Aerosols 500 ml / carton € 4,45 / Ds. 

TK Antistatic Spray 400 ml 
Prevents effectively static electricity on the machines in printing and the print processing. 
# 03195400        12 Ds. Aerosol 400 ml/Karton - 12 pcs. Aerosols 400 ml / carton € 5,55 / Ds. 

TK SPEEDY - High Performance Lubricant Concentrate spray 500 ml XXL and liquid 250 ml pump sprayer 
For the use in the graph. Industry with clearly extended activity compared with silicone lubricants. Is colorless and does not 
leave grease stains. Prevents rust. To coat the non-stop bars for continuous pallet change (cardboard diecutting machines) 
# 03151500        12 pcs. Aerosols 500 ml / carton € 9,80 / Ds. 
# 03151250        12 pcs. Plastic bottles 250 ml with pump sprayer/carton € 5,25 / Ds. 
# 03150005        5 Ltr. Plastic Container (4pcs/carton) € 13,15 / Ltr. 

TK SPEEDY 40 Lubricant Concentrate 
Stitching wire lubricant for open lubricator on the stapler instead of oil for improving the lubricity of the binding wire and wear parts reduction on the stapler (offset and rotogravure printing). Does not evaporate, does not harden and prevent charges. 
# 03153005 10 Ltr. Plastic Container € 11,02 / Ltr. 
5 x 10 Ltr. / shipment € 10,71 / Ltr. 

TK SPECIAL-CLEAN folding rollers and transport belts cleaner – the original - 
For cleaning and regeneration of PU rollers, feeding rollers and stripes, pressing belts and - carpets. The treated rollers and belts get a velvety and grippy rubber surface. 
# 03014001         1 Ltr. tin (10 pcs./carton) € 6,82 / Ltr. 
# 03014005         5 Ltr. Plastic Container (4 pcs/carton) € 6,40 / Ltr. 

TK SPECIAL-CLEAN 2.0 folding rollers and transport belts cleaner 
For cleaning and regeneration of PU rollers, feeding rollers and stripes, pressing belts and - carpets. The treated rollers and belts get a velvety and grippy rubber surface. 
Odor, small load on the air, flash point 28°C 
# 03014001         1 Ltr. Plastic tin (10 pcs./carton) € 7,02 / Ltr. 
# 03014005         Plastic Container € 6,35 / Ltr. 

TK Foam Cleaner Spray 400 ml 
Wide-ranging highly effective foam cleaner for all surfaces, antistatic removes stubborn stains, such as grease, oil and tar stains cleans glass, chrome and plastic parts removes streaks, dirt and dust 
Proven for cleaning of feeding rollers and stripes, PU rollers, pressing belts and carpets 
# 03188400         12 pcs. Aerosols 400 ml / carton € 5,20 / Ds. 

TK POWER-CLEAN High Power Cleaner Concentrate Spray 500 ml XXL 
Based on renewable raw materials. Cleans and degreases metal parts, plastics, rubber, tools. Removes adhesive residues with additional grease cleaning of vehicle graphics, stickers, exhibition walls, banner material, PVC advertising posters. Particularity: Inexpensive and very effective, can be applied on to clean damp cloth. 
# 03207500         12 pcs. Aerosols 500 ml / carton € 9,95 / Ds. 

TK POWER-CLEAN High-performance cleaner concentrate liquid 
Description as above. 
# 03207001         1 Ltr. tin (10 pcs./carton) € 21,20 / St. 
# 03205005         5 Ltr. Plastic Container (4 pcs/carton) € 19,24 / Ltr. 

TK PUR-O-CLEAN Cold Cleaner for PUR 
Removes hotmelt and PUR adhesives, cleans and degreases without leaving a residue, even for the nozzle cleaning of PUR adhesives. 
# 03114001         1 kg tin (10 pcs./carton) € 11,80 / Ds. 
# 03114013         13 kg tin € 8,85/ kg 

TK CLASSIC-CLEAN Cold Cleaner for Glue Residues 
For the removal of dried hot melt and dispersion adhesives on chrome and aluminum parts. 
# 03019001         1 kg tin (10 pcs./carton) € 8,84 / kg 
# 03019013        12 kg tin € 7,79 / kg 

TK-Surface Cleaner Universal Cleaner for all surfaces 
Cleaner for the static-free cleaning of alle surfaces. Description as above. 
# 03309250        12 Plastic bottles 250 ml with pumpsprayer / carton € 5,68 / Fl. 
# 03309001        1 Ltr. plastic bottle (6 pcs./carton) € 5,50 / Ltr. 
# 03309005         5 Ltr. plastic can (4 pcs./carton) € 4,55 / Ltr. 

TK PTFE Hard Lubricant Concentrate Spray 400 ml 
Highly concentrated fat free PTFE long-term dry lubricant with simultaneously non-stick effect for internal and external lubrication of 
chains, wire ropes, castors, slides etc., for slip coating of baffles and for separating coating of cold glue and hotmelt / PUR basins - 
fast drying, firmly adhering, resistent to friction, dust and water repellent, temperature resistent 
from -50°C to +260°C 
# 03205400         12 pcs. Aerosols 400 ml / carton € 9,85 / Ds. 

TK PTFE Super-Fluid High Performance Creeping Oil 400 ml 
Fully synthetic, transparent and excellent high performance creeping oil. Contains PTFE to improve sliding, lubricating and emergency running properties. Is temperature stabile from -50°C to +160°C (briefly up to +200°C). Forms a lubricant film capable and extremely reduces friction and wear. 
Has the following positive features: high wear protection water and dirt repellent, very good cleaning supply effect, crawls and maintains clean transparent permanent lubrication. Significant prolongation of the post-lubrication intervals, silicone-free, ton-toxic, odorless and tasteless, good corrosion protection, high PTFE content and operational in a wide temperature range 
# 03206400         12 pcs. Aerosol 400 ml / carton € 10,85 / Ds. 

TK Adhering Lubricant PTFE-Spray 400 ml 
Universally applicable with extreme long-term effect. For maintennance and lubrication of joints, hinges, castles, cables, stabilizers, 
chains, transmission, wire ropes, racks, plastic cans, feathers, screw, transport wheels. Finely divided PTFE smoothes the surface and 
improves the pressure absorption capacity. It not only leaves a permanent lubrication, but also provides emergency running 
properties. It is resistent to cold, salt and hot water. Particularly suitable for application in the humidity range, where it depends 
on a reliable lubricating and lubricating effect, which is resistant to conventional detergents. The additives also ensure good 
corrosion protection. The viscosity is thinner during spraying to show some creep behavior, after the evaporation increases the 
viskosity. Temperature resistant from -30°C to +130°C, short to +190°C 
# 03230400         12 pcs. Aerosol 400 ml / carton € 5,85 / Ds. 

TK Rust Remover Spray 400 ml 
For the immediate fast removal of any rust parts, solves without problems stuck screws, nuts, bolts, splints and other rusted 
# 03201400         12 pcs. Aersosol 400 ml/carton € 4,95 / Ds. 

TK Cleaner 15 Universal Cleaner liquid 
For the removal and degreasing of metal parts, rubber, molds and tools, dispersion- and hotmelt glues, solvent adhesives, 
polyurethane adhesives, protective coatings and all kinds of paint residues. 
# 03006001         1 Ltr. tin (10 pcs./carton) € 9,15 / Ltr. 
# 03006005         5 Ltr. tin (4 x 5 Ltr./carton) € 4,45 / Ltr. 

TK Cleaner 67 Cleaner and Degreaser liquid 
Suitable for fat-free cleaning of anilox rolls, dampening rollers and tin plates. 
# 03004020        5 Ltr. Kunstoffgebinde – 20 Ltr. Plastic Container € 4,06 / Ltr. 

TK punching plate cleaner 
Cleaner for the removal of adhesive residues on cutting and punching plates. Degreases and is economical in use. 
# 03024005         5 ltr. tin (5 x 5 ltr. / carton) € 7,40 / ltr. 
# 03024025         25 Ltr. tin € 6,85 / Ltr. 
# 03024200         200 Ltr. drum € 4,25 / Ltr. 
# 03024001         tin (10 Ds. / Karton) € 7,95 / Ltr. 

TK TEKALIN D74-2  Solvent cleaner for the removal of dispersion adhesives , for stubborn adhesive residue 
Particularity: 2 danger signs, Cleaner for the removal of adhesive residues on cutting plates 
# 03203401       1 ltr. tin (10 Ds./Karton) € 8,85 /ltr. 
5 ltr. tin (4 x 5 ltr. / Karton) € 8,41 / ltr.


High value lubrication spray with  PTFE (teflon), transparant according NSF-H1. 
# 151540             12 pcs. Aerosol 400 ml / Karton € 9,45 / pcs 

cleaning-Fluid for food, farma and printing industry for cleaning and degreasing according to NSF H1. 
# 151539             12 pcs. Aerosol 500 ml / Karton € 9,70 / pc. 

High value release-slide and lubricate agent, acid and resin free for plastic and rubber for lubricating all kind of moving parts on machines, especially in the plastic, automotive, food, farmaceutical , print and paperindustry
according NSF-H1
# 151538             12 pcs. Aerosol 500 ml / Karton € 7,95 / pc.