Coverplate for patching (for closed chase/ open chase)

  • Synthetic coverplate, thickness 1 mm (for closed chase)
  • Synthetic coverplate, thickness 2x 0,5 mm (for closed chase)
  • (Advantage : you can make a zone patching between the 2 sheets)
  • Synthetic coverplate, thickness 2 mm (for open chase)
  • Coverplate in hardened steel (for open chase) 

for details see 1mm plates

1 mm die cutting plates

Retrofit micrometric system for working with 1 mm plates (see reduce set-up time) 

Normal die cutting plates 500 HV

(thicknesses : 3, 4, 5, 6 mm, depending on the type of machine)

chase loader

chase loader for preparing a second die out of the machine (see reduce set-up time)