EDF Europe

Edf Europe is able to supply high quality solutions for the corrugated packaging industry offering a wide range of converting machines (rotary die cutters, flexo folder gluers, flat bed die cutters, folder gluers, flexo printing machines) complete with its peripherals (prefeeders, stripper stackers, load formers, pallet dispenser, bundle breakers) and possible handling.

The headquarter is in Bologna Italy where sales, technical, logistic and administration are based. 
Edf Europe is the european branch of Dongfang Precision Group specialised in the production of converting machines for the corrugated cardboard and paperboard packaging industry. Edf is the owner of Castaldini brand and know how and can therefore supply turnkey converting solutions.

Casemaker FD618
Top flexo print casemaker with down-folding, inking units with upwards cylinder disengagement  to allow printing plates to be changed while machine is running.

Casemaker FD821
Top flexo print casemaker with down folding, inking units with upwards disengagement to allow printing plates change while machine running

Casemaker HGL 924
Machine with bottom printing and folding upwards, release downwards of the inking units, accessible through pit for printing plates changeover even if the machine is production.


Rotary die cutters with stack exit or bundle exit

Pheripheralsprefeeders, stackers, palletdispensers, load formers, pallet inserters, bundle breakers, sheets transfer, sheet feeders, conveyors, transfer cars