C-TECH : robot feeders & packers

100 % robot automation for Multi-Point Folder Gluers for Feeding, Packing, Palletising.

Enables you to run with 1 person for all kind of boxes from feeding to palletising.

The system is modular & upgradable : you can start with the CORPACKER that only counts and separates the boxes with eventual manual turning (f.e. autolock boxes)

Layout: Ctech-feeder-robopacker

Reconditionned Tanabee folder gluer for special 4 corner boxes in heavy grey board 1.000 gr/sqm with additional modules for backfolding

UPPER backfold hooks to guarantee high speed 4 corner in 1.000 gr/sqm up to 20.000 boxes/hour

Overview specialty folder gluer 100 % automated, 64 spray guns HHS and upper folding hooks to guarantee folding in the crease at high speed.

Auto corpacker high speed special box

Robopacker 1 with robot turning crashlock boxes and palletizing

perfectly strapped boxes

Auto corpacker with 4 corner boxes

Robotfeeder for corrugated board for all kind of boxes from 300 x 200 mm up to ….NO LIMITS

Vertical packer for solidboard boxes 4/6 corner