Micrometric system for working with 1 mm plates

The advantaqe of working with 1 mm diecutting plates is that you can save the counterparts for the creasing on the 1 mm plate for future use.

When you have to run the same order again you place the 1 mm plate on the support plate but you can get small differences in the positioning of the die. 

The micrometric system gives you the possibility to reposition the 1 mm plate in a controlled way in the 4 directions.

The modification of your resocel plate  takes +- 2 hours work and can be done on in your company for each type of Bobst SP.
Modifications of your machine are not necessary.

We supply you also a new support plate : the thickness of the support plate plus the 1 mm plate = thickness of your standard diecutting plate.

resocel complete with micrometric system, support plate and 1 mm diecutting plate